SignMyPad Pro 2.9

Source:Autriv Inc

SignMyPad Pro the simplest and best PDF reader and annotation tool.

The best PDF signature app for the iPad has made it's way to Android!

SignMyPad Pro is a simple to use PDF reader and annotation tool. No more printing documents to sign them, then find a fax machine or scanner to send them back. Save trees!! With SignMyPad you can load PDF's right from your email, or dropbox and add text, date and your signature. Email it right back out from the app! SignMyPad Pro comes with all the amazing features of SignMyPad plus red ink (for strike outs) and GPS location data tagging. This means when the PDF is saved your device will put the GPS information into the metadata of the PDF.

This is a perfect app for anyone in Real Estate, Law, or Finance whether you sign one document a month or 100!

Android 2.2 or higher is needed for SignMyPad Pro to work.

Hot Tip: Use your phone in landscape mode - but use portrait if you are using a Tablet.

Last Updated:2015-06-10 13:57:42
File size:3.09MB

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